Cast Resin Isolation Transformer

Description For Cast Resin Isolation Transformer

  • The transformers with an iron core, high voltage and low voltage windings which are completely embedded in cast resin, and cooling channels formed inside the cast resin body which holds and insulates the windings.
  • A cast resin transformer is known from Magnetic Control Transformers, wherein all windings of a poly-phase current system are enclosed in a cast resin block, which on one hand has perforations for holding the legs of an iron core, and on the other hand has recesses in front of the end faces of the windings for holding an upper and a lower yoke. In such an apparatus, the recesses which hold the yokes are water-tightly closed to the outside by caps. Because there is no cooling provided inside the coil and inside the core, transformers of this type of construction are limited to relatively small nominal power applications.

Features of Cast Resin Isolation Transformer

  • Minimal Fire Risk
  • No Cooling Liquids
  • Easier Maintenance
  • Lower Operating Cost
  • Simplicity of Installation
  • Advantages of IP and NEMA Enclosures
  • Possibility of Significant increase in performance
  • High Short time overload capacity
  • High Reliability
  • Versatility and Performance
  • Available in all NEMA & IP Enclosure Models (Up to NEMA 4X)

All of our transformers are manufactured in compliance with IEC 60076-11, NEMA ST 20, IEEE C57.12.01, SABIC and Aramco standard and in particular meet the requirements for climatic (C), environmental (E) and fire (F) classes:

Climatic Class C2

Transformers suitable for working, transportation and storage at temperatures down to -25°C.

Environmental Class E2

Transformers suitable for working in environment where they can be subject to frequent condensation, heavy pollution or a combination of the two.

Fire Behavior Class F1

Transformers exposed to a fire hazard. They are characterized by restricted inflammability, low emission of toxic substances and opaque fumes.

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