Transformer manufacturer in Saudi Arabia

We specialize in manufacturing distribution transformers from 10KVA to 5000KVA capacity with primary voltage of 11KV, 22KV and 33KV and secondary voltage as per customer’s requirement.

The R&D and the design team always bring the best design for various capacities of transformers making sure it functions with high efficiency and low energy loss. With the state of infrastructure and exceptionally qualified engineers, we have a capacity to manufacture more than 100 transformers a month.

Magnetic Control transformer features core form construction. Both our medium and large power transformers are built with copper windings in a circular configuration and are continuous disc and/or helical in design. This helps to ensure quality and reliability throughout the internal structure of the transformer.

Copper and silver alloyed copper magnet wire—or continuously transposed copper cable—is used for the winding conductors on all Waukesha® power transformers. Continuously transposed copper cable is used to minimize losses and hot-spot temperatures and to produce a more compact winding with improved short-circuit performance.

All windings are circular, concentric type and provide maximum through-fault withstand capability. High voltage and low voltage windings use a continuous-disc or helical winding design. This construction provides maximum strength and short-circuit withstand capability, increased predictability and lower hot-spot temperatures for loading and overloading.

Insulating the core from the frame and connecting to ground at only one point prevents any accumulation of static charges. Grounding at a single point also eliminates circulating currents and associated combustible gas generation. The grounding strap is brought out to a convenient location adjacent to an access hole opening on the cover or through a bushing on the tank cover to facilitate testing the core insulation.

After stacking, a two-part epoxy is applied to bind the core legs together, then banding is installed to form a rigid structure. Sturdy steel end frames provide a complete core structure of high mechanical strength to withstand heavy stresses during shipment or under short-circuit conditions without distortion of the core or windings.

We are proud in manfacturing a quality Transformers for Commercial and Industrial with Satisfied Clients in Saudi Arabia.

About Saudi Arabia

Arabic is the official language of Saudi Arabia and the primary language used in all dealings and public transactions. English serves as an informal second language in the Kingdom and is spoken by a large section of its society. All road signs are bilingual, showing information in both Arabic and English. 

Saudi Arabia’s rich heritage and traditions have been shaped by its position as a historic trade hub and the birthplace of Islam. In recent years, the Kingdom has undergone a significant cultural transformation, evolving centuy-old customs to fit the contemporary world we live in today.

Spring in Saudi Arabia can be brisk, particularly in the north, where the temperature at night can drop below 15 degrees C. The central and southern regions are warmer, averaging around 20 degrees after nightfall. Rainfall is at its highest during spring, particularly in the central region and in the southwest over the Asir Mountains.

Al-Saih is one of the main and active cities in the present and future of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which is the modern capital of Alkharj and its administrative and economic center with a population of more than 376 thousand people. … Alkharj has been crowned as the capital of dairy industry.

About Magnetic Control

Magnetic Control is located in Alkharj  Industrial City, The company manufactures the product range mentioned below.

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