K-rated Transformers

  • With increase in proliferation many non linear loads and solid state devices.These non linear load generate harmonics current that causes transformers and system neutral to overheat and destroy themselves.

What is K-factor?

  • K-factor is a value how much transformer can withstand harmonics without increase in maximum temperature value.A standard transformer cannot handle harmonics due to non linear loads.When harmonics enter into the transformer the core gets saturated as a result it produces lots of heat and failure of transformers.
  • K-rating differs according to harmonic levels like K-1,K-4,K-7,K-13,K-20.


  • Magnetic and Controls manufactures transformers based on the current spectrum considering the derating factor and oversizing factor.
  • Magnetic and Controls manufacturer K-rated transformer in compliance with ANSI/IEEE C57.110
  • Transformer can be designed with both copper and aluminium wound
  • Neutral to withstand 200% current
  • High grade core material and 99.99% electrolyte conductor material
  • High harmonic current carrying capacity with low eddy current loss
  • Impedence with compliance to IS 2026 standards and noise attenuation
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