General Information – Facilities & Equ ipment’s
Testing Facilities :

Quality is central to the performance and longevity of a Transformer. We have state of art test laboratory for testing transformers. Magnetic Control & Electricals have equipped with the state of art of testing facilities to perform all routine and special tests for transformer as per UL 1561, IEC: 60076 & NEMA STD. We carry out all the necessary and final checks as per IEC & UL standard mentioned procedure manual required as per our base quality procedure, guideline to maintain a consistent superior quality standard of our products. Our major testing instruments.

  •  Modern Test bench for No-load and Load test with 3-ph precision power analyzer
  •  Latest model Digital Laser Thermometer for Heat run test
  •  Dual line 3-ph Digital Power Analyzer
  • Digital High Voltage Tester
  • Digital Insulation Tester

Production Equipment:

We have the latest state of the art manufacturing plant and latest machinery, which include latest type of winding machine, own fabricated machines. We also have special type Brazing facilities. The process of manufacturing quality transformers is to critically dependent on testing
of raw materials, components and the final assembly products. Creating an excellent environment for production, such as systematic core assembly processes. Each work is preplanned with minute details and CAD drawings are worked out to facilitate engineering.

  • Silicon steel lamination cutting machine
  • Automatic coil winding machine
  • Automatic core stacking machine
  • Advanced steel enclosure fabricating machines
  • Vacuum Impregnation & well designed varnishing oven
  • Advanced assembling tooling kits
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